Metakaos Art Consultants

Unique within the art industry, Metakaos provides clients with a one-stop comprehensive solution to art, design and construction requirements.

Together with our affiliated company Mercurio Design Lab, a bespoke Italian design firm, we offer services from art trading to art curation, artistic styling of a space to creating customised collections and sculptures, from conceptual designs to project management, with a team of qualified engineers and QPs (Qualified Persons) who oversee the safety and proper installations of artworks which are rarely available in the industry and exclusive to Metakaos.


The Auspicious Series

The Auspicious Series, commissioned and launched by METAKAOS COLLECTIONS consists of the Chinese calligraphy characters‘福 Fu’,‘禄 Lu’,‘寿 Shou’and‘禧 Xi’ in limited edition pieces. These are traditionally the four elements of prosperity and good life in Chinese culture.

They are represented as three-dimensional pieces written an abstract Chinese calligraphic style. They each come in various sizes and are available in copper, bronze gold, stainless steel and bronze coppery.

The Power Series

The Power Series, modelled by Massimo Mercurio and sculpted by Prompun Sirinudsomboon is Metakaos’ first new artist collection series following the successful launch of the inaugural "The Auspicious Series".

This collection is modelled after powerful animals from the animal kingdom. Each of these animals are portrayed in poses that take on the form of their unique personality.

The 8 animals represent a range of different personalities, such as Supremacy (Bear), Courage (Bull), Invincibility (Rhinoceros), Acumen (Elephant), Reverence (Eagle), Endurance (Horse), Sovereignty (Lion) and Agility (Panther).





At Metakaos, we aim to provide clients with the necessary tools and solutions to solve every aspect of their art and design requirements. And with our affiliated company Mercurio Design Lab, we possess a strong background in art, design and construction to ensure powerful and effective integration between spaces and art, and to provide valuable solutions unique to the client’s needs.